20 Dining Room Decorating Tips For Modern Homes

Most modern and contemporary homes no longer have a separate dining room. Now we’re more focused on creating seamless transition between spaces and on combining two or more functions into a single room in order to save space and to be practical. A modern dining room is typically a section of a large open plan space which also includes the kitchen and the living area. It stands out from the other areas by featuring a certain ambiance and decor which are specific to its function. We’ll get into details shortly.

Before anything else, let’s talk about the elements that are mandatory in order for a space to be considered a dining area. Obviously, there needs to be a dining table and some sort of seating around it and there are many variations and styles to choose from in both cases. Also, a dining area would usually have its own light source which more often than not comes in the form of a pendant lamp or a chandelier.

As far as the table is concerned, there are many different types to choose from. You have to take into consideration aspects such as the size and shape of the space as well as the materials from which the frame and the top are made. Then there’s also the issue of the color which can also influence a dining area’s decor and ambiance.

A round dining table is preferred by many for the simple fact that its shape brings people together in a very comfortable and cozy way and allows each person to see the others and to enjoy comfortable conversations without having to constantly move around.

A glass dining table has certain advantages as well, the most important one of all being transparency. A dining table with a glass top typically appears to take up less space than one with a wooden top for example. This allows the entire room to appear spacious, less cluttered and more airy.

Matching table and chair sets are a nice option when you’re trying to give this space a cohesive look and to somehow differentiate it from the other sections of the floor plan. It’s also a nice design strategy if you prefer the main furniture pieces in a room to be simple in order to allow the accent pieces and the decorations to stand out by comparison.

A lot of people feel that a dining room looks empty and incomplete without some sort of decorations placed on the table. A table centerpiece can be anything from a flower vase to a sculpture, a stack of books or a simple bowl of fruits.

The lighting in the dining room should be bright but not to the point where it’s uncomfortable. Quite often there are clusters of pendant lights hanging just above the table and it’s best if, individually, they provide delicate and soothing light, preferably with a warm glow.

Various different types of dining tables provide various different advantages and features. Some, for instance, have distinct surfaces for eating on and for displaying centerpieces or placing food containers on.

Sometimes it’s nice to have some flexibility in the dining room in which case it can be practical to have several small tables instead of a single large one. This way you can add or remove sections based on the number of people that need to be seated.

Simplicity and minimalism can take many different forms. Take this dining room setting for instance. Both the table and the armchairs have simple and classy designs as well as neutral color schemes and they complement each other beautifully.

It’s often nice to add a dash of color to the dining room just to cheer up the space. That can be done in all sorts of ways. One option is to decorate the space with eye-catching and colorful light fixtures like these pendant lamps for instance.

Just look how thin this table top is. It just goes to show that you don’t need a glass dining table if you want to maintain an airy and spacious look. You just need to find the right design combo when it comes to furniture.

How about a timeless black and white combo with a hint of natural wood or chocolate brown for warmth? That sounds like a recipe for success no matter what type of space you’re decorating.

An area rug can help to visually delineate the dining area from the other spaces around it plus this can also serve as a means to add some color or a cool pattern and some texture to the room.

Dining table decor is serious business. Some dining tables even have designs with built-in features meant to highlight the importance of centerpieces and ornaments in general. This table, for example, has a shallow tray running through its center. this is where you can place small planters and other decorative items.

There are a lot of cool things worth mentioning here. There’s that stylish wood bench that gives the dining room a neat and simplistic look, the black and white area rug which serves as a focal point an that cluster of sculptural decorations that serve as centerpieces.

Decorating with clusters of objects that have similar designs but are at the same time different from one another is a pretty common strategy which works for dining rooms, entryways and living areas in general.

The simplicity and pure beauty of this wooden dining table is complemented by the artistic and at the same time minimalist design of the chairs and the delicate nature of the centerpieces. All-in-all, a great combo.

Although dining chairs are what many people choose in terms of seating for this space, there are many other options such as small sofas, benches, poufs or combinations of these furniture pieces. Find the combo that works best for your own home and lifestyle.

As far as color is concerned, that’s a purely personal decision. Keep in mind that certain colors are known to transmit certain emotions or to work well with certain other nuances. Yellow, for example, is a cheerful color which is often paired with gray which is a rather boring nuance.

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