One Room Challenge, Week 2 – Bathroom and Back Entry Progress

It’s already time for the second One Room Challenge update! Yikes! That first week flew by since I joined the challenge a few days late. But now I’m fully on board, and things are going really well. As I showed y’all yesterday, I did get the bathroom wall design finished… If you missed that, you can see more here… DIY Geometric Ombre Square Spiral Wall Design – Finished! With that done, I turned my attention yesterday to the flooring. After a snafu with the original flooring I was planning on using, I finally decided to go with unfinished nail-down red oak hardwood flooring. It’s the same flooring that’s in pretty much the entire house, with the exception of the hallway bathroom, which has tile, and the two rooms that will eventually be torn down (sunroom and master bathroom). Most of that is original to our 1948 house, but the flooring in the kitchen and the breakfast room is new. I think because this flooring is so common in old houses in this area, the Home Depot here carries this flooring in stock, which is incredibly convenient. Also convenient is the fact that the last time I checked into using this […]

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