DIY Geometric Ombre Square Spiral Wall Design – Finished!

Y’all, the painted design on my bathroom walls is finished! Here’s how it turned out… If you missed the first part of this project, you can find it here… DIY Geometric Wall Design – Part 1 This design started with lots and lots of painters tape — four rolls, to be exact. After seeing how busy and dizzying that taped off design looked with the stark contrast between the dark blue and white, I realized that the final design would have to have way less contrast. So I chose not to use the original three colors that I had purchased as they were out of the cans. I came very close to using white and light gray, but after realizing that I not only have that combo on my music room walls, but also on the hallway walls, I decided against it. Plus, this is a studio! I can do fun things in here that I might not have the courage to do in the main areas of my house. And when I thought about it, the last thing I wanted in my studio was gray and white. I wanted COLOR! So I went back to the original three quarts […]

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