A Peek Into My Creative Process

I’m still waiting for my hardwood flooring to acclimate to the studio before I start installing, so that’s given me plenty of time to obsess over the walls in my half bathroom at the back of the studio. And obsess I have. 😀 I thought I had narrowed down the choices to three, which I shared a few days ago, but the more I looked at those and read your comments, the more I questioned those choices. And if I’m questioning, that means that I don’t really love them. If I really love a design choice, I’m going to go for it no matter what. So I got out some craft paint, brushes, and art brushes, and just started playing around with patterns, colors, etc., to see if something finally clicked. I started off by trying a design similar to this Cole & Sons Prism wallpaper. I didn’t get very far before I realized that while I love that pattern, and I love all of the colors, it would make me crazy on a wall. So I’ll save that design for a place where it can be used in a much smaller dose. I kept going back to this idea […]

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