Showcase 2018 Color Trends in a Simple Back Stitch Tutorial

There are so many great colors of the year this year; the Behr 2018 color collection is especially beautiful. One way to keep a space feeling fresh is to take a look at color collections that you love and choose colors from the collection. But what if you just can’t choose? This basic tutorial will show you how to use a bunch of colors to make a simple stitch sampler decoration (choose from various, equally stitches in this How to Sew tutorial).

The colors and simplicity of the stitches puts this fast and easy DIY piece in a modern style but with a soft, traditional sentimentality.

(Note: This example uses a basic back stitch. There are other lovely basic hand stitches that might match your vision more closely; learn about them and how to easily sew.)

Materials Needed:

  • Embroidery floss in the colors of your choosing (example uses flosses inspired by the Behr 2018 color trends collection)
  • Fabric to sew stitches on (example uses a scrap of cotton drop cloth)
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Frame

Organize your colors in the order you’d like them sewn onto your fabric.

Trace the cardboard from inside your frame and a pen to mark the actual size and shape of your finished sampler. Place your fabric inside an embroidery hoop; this helps to keep the fabric taut and much easier to sew on.

Thread your needle with the first embroidery floss. There are several ways to sew the back stitch; for this simple modern sampler, you can simply run your first line of stitches, which will look like baste stitches going in one direction, in a centered line. Then head back the other direction, being sure to pinpoint the ends of the first stitches precisely to create a solid line.

As you’re stitching, wrap the beginning strand of thread under your first few stitches on the back side of your sampler. When you’re done with the color line, tie a double knot in your thread. (I loop the needle under the nearest stitch and tie my double knot from there.) Cut the thread.

Change colors on your needle, and continue sewing lines using a back stitch (or whatever hand stitch you’ve chosen to use).

Try to keep your back thread/floss neatly in line as well, so the loose strands don’t show through your fabric in the “white space” between lines. Trim thread close to the knots.

Vary the length of the lines and the stitches for fun, and to embrace the hand-stitchiness of it all. But keep everything centered and as straight as you can eyeball it.

When you’re done, cut any loose or long threads on the back side of your fabric.

Remove the fabric from your embroidery hoop and use fabric scissors to carefully cut along your traced frame lines.

Place your fresh, new sampler into the frame.

This modern-flavored sampler might look well in an industrial or utilitarian space, like by the kitchen backsplash, for a pop of sweet color.

It will also look well in a study or a bedroom, paired with a colorful and shapely lamp or other visual accent.

There’s something about the perfect imperfection of hand stitches that really gets to me. Every time. And this one is so fast and easy, and it really brings in a colorful modern vibe without being too in-your-face.

Don’t forget to check out our How to Sew article for other basic hand stitch ideas. Happy sewing!

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