My Electrical Scare (Plus, How To Rewire A Pendant Light)

Yesterday I showed y’all my brand new lighting in the studio. What I didn’t share was the behind-the-scenes story about an electrical scare that made me lose sleep the night before last. Fortunately I found the problem, and all I had to do was rewire a pendant light. But until I discovered the problem, I was kind of panicking. I spent about three hours on Monday installing the thin downlights that I showed you yesterday, plus everything else on that circuit so that I could at least hook up that one circuit and have lights. So after all that time up and down the ladder, cutting the holes in the drywall bigger to fit the lights, and installing the lights, I could finally wire up the circuit breaker and have lights. So I flipped the circuit breaker on and headed to the studio to test everything. I flipped the light switch for the ten downlights, and they worked perfectly. I flipped the switch for the ceiling fan, and it worked perfectly. But then I flipped the switch for the portico light, and I literally heard a surge of electricity and then everything went dark. Yeah. I panicked. But it was […]

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