20 Simple And Inviting DIY Outdoor Bench Ideas

After a few cold winter months it’s about time we spent some time outdoors enjoying the nice spring breeze and fresh vegetation and know just the project that can give you a boost in the right direction: a DIY outdoor bench which you can place in the backyard, the garden, on the patio or next to a fire pit. An outdoor bench is actually a great piece of furniture to have around all year round but we thought we’d take advantage of the season changes to give you a bit of extra inspiration.

Before we get into details, we want to mention that pretty much all the projects on this list are inexpensive and easy to make and can be done using reclaimed materials. We’ll start with this colorful garden bench which was built using reclaimed pallet boards. First things first: you have to take apart the pallet and to line up the boards, after which you cut them all to size. For the frame you can use leftover wood from other projects or just go ahead and visit the lumber store. The most fun part begins only after you’ve put together the bench: that’s when you actually get to paint the boards.

If you want to build an outdoor bench but you’d rather not use wood, a cool alternative can be to build a cinder block bench like the one featured on jenniferperkins. To get to a comfortable height you’ll probably have to stack the cinderblocks unless of course, you want it to be low and kid-friendly. You can add one more layer at the ends to create armrests. Attach the cinderblocks with industrial glue so they stay in place and your bench lasts longer.

Want to take your DIY outdoor bench project one step further? How about an outdoor sofa then? You can build the frame out of wood, more or less the same way you would build a bench but careful to add backrest and armrest panels. Check out grillo-designs for instructions on how to do that. Once the frame is done, you can make your new outdoor sofa nice and comfy by adding cushions, pillows and other accessories.

If what you have in mind for your DIY outdoor bench is a super simple design inspired by nature, perhaps you’d like to use logs instead of legs. Maybe this way you can repurpose an old fallen tree and give it a second chance. Leave the bark on for more character. The idea comes from thediymommy and that’s where you can also find more details about this inspiring project.

Since this is an outdoor bench, we thought you’d like feel close to nature when sitting down so we found this awesome project on monsterscircus which shows you how to build a bench and planter combo. The idea is to use two big and sturdy planters as a base for the bench and use pallet wood to build a seat which fits over them but which lets the plants or trees grow comfortably between the slats.

Obviously, there are some great-looking outdoor benches you can check out in furniture catalogues although the price is usually too high to make it worth the investment. That, however, shouldn’t stop you from finding inspiration in these designs. Check out this elegant knock-off bench featured on homemadebycarmona. It looks just like the real deal but at a fraction of the cost.

If you want your DIY outdoor bench to be strong and sturdy as well as good-looking, we suggest checking out this tutorial shared on instructables. It shows how to build a bench with a concrete base and a wooden seat from scratch. It involves building mold boxes, mixing the concrete and following precise measurements so the pieces fit together perfectly in the end.

Here’s another beautiful outdoor bench and planter combo, this time achieved using garden timbers. They basically look like mini logs and this gives the bench a rustic appearance which actually suits it quite well. To build a garden bench similar to the one featured on instructables you’re going to need twelve 8 foot garden timbers, wood screws, stain, dowels, wood glue, a saw, a drill, sandpaper, a staple gun and some weed barrier plastic.

If you’re more of a minimalist and modern DIY outdoor bench kind of person we suggest checking out the tutorial on diycandy. To build such a bench you need some 2 x 4 boards, wood glue, bar clamps, stain and sealant, a saw and a sander. If you’re placing the bench of uneven ground, you might want to also give it adjustable feet.

You’ve seen how you can build a DIY outdoor bench out of wood and out of cinderblocks so how about we combine the two and create a hybrid bench? You can use cinderblocks to build two side panels, sort of like a minimalist frame which will hold the wooden seat boards which you can simply insert through the blocks with no need for adhesive. Of course, you can secure the pieces in place if you want to. Also, you can customize the design with your favorite colors by painting the cinderblocks and/or the boards. Check out lenasekine for more details.

Well isn’t this outdoor bench fancy? You might think building something like this must difficult or would require skills which you don’t have but in fact this is actually a fairly simple project. That’s because it’s made out of repurposed headboard and footboard panels. This means you can customize your own bench in all sorts of ways, based on the style, design or material you choose for these two elements. In this particular case the bench also has some built-in storage which is always useful. You can find details about the project on ruggydiy.

Speaking outdoor benches with built-in storage, there’s also a cool DIY project on lifestorage which we’d like to share with you today. This time the bench a sort of A-frame base separated into three sections, each big enough to hold a storage crate under the seat. Of course, you can leave the shelves empty if you want to. In any case, the storage space beneath the seat is useful for keeping extra cushions, pillows, blankets and other such things.

Having an outdoor bench sure is useful but so is having a small table to go with it, especially if you’re setting up a comfortable outdoor seating area/ lounge space. That being said, why not combine these two elements into a single piece of furniture, one which you can build yourself from scratch? A corner bench would be just right in this case. You can find out what it takes to build one by following the tutorial offered on pinspiredtodiy.

An outdoor bench should be sturdy and strong so it can withstand strong winds and other things nature might throw at it. Looking at this bench featured on cherishedbliss I’d say this as sturdy as it gets. Feel free to pick any type of wood you prefer and to stain it so it matches your front door or your patio. What’s really nice is that you can make the bench a bit taller than usual and also use it as a table.

Since the bench is meant to sit outdoors, perhaps even to be exposed to the elements, a cool idea can be to use stones or bricks or some concrete blocks, in any case something durable and timeless that you can use to build the base. You can then simply place a piece of wood on top and call it a day. If you enjoy this sort of simplicity, you can find a few more details about this particular project on linapalandet. Feel free to customize the project and make it your own.

We liked the idea of an outdoor bench with planters built right into it very much so we looked for other similar projects that you too might enjoy. One was featured on brittanystager and shows how to build a wooden bench with two planters out of wood from scratch. The fact that the design seems to have layers is pretty cool because with a little big of extra work you could turn this into a modular bench with adjustable height.

A nice thing about furniture built out of reclaimed materials is that it has personality. Take this outdoor bench for example. It was built out of pallet wood and it has a lot of character, especially the backrest which features those different-length boards with different finishes and colors. It’s a lovely design that’s as charming as it is simple. Find out more about it on funkyjunkinteriors.

If you’re building an outdoor bench which you plan on keeping by the fire pit, you might as well make it curved or at least give it a geometric shape which complements the fit whatever its design or structure may be. You can find the plans and instructions for this particular DIY bench on abeautifulmess along with a list of necessary tools and supplies.

If it’s a patio bench you have in mind, a long and linear one might suit the space well. There’s a tutorial on pinkwhen which shows you how to build such a bench from scratch. The bench needs proper support, hence the four x-shaped legs evenly distributed under the seat. The bench is simple and low-profile which means it easily blends into the decor. At the same time, the fact that you can paint it in any color means you can make it stand out if you want to.

Speaking of x-shaped bench frames, there’s also this cool project from theidearoom which caught our eye. We love the worn look and the fact that it has this charming, classic appearance without necessarily being linked to a particular style or time period. You can easily get this look using nothing more than just paint and a little bit of sandpaper.

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