25 Small Kitchen Ideas That Make A Big Statement

In a lot of ways, small kitchens are the worst because they limit us so much by not being able to accommodate full-sized appliances, large countertops or sufficient amounts of storage. However, that doesn’t mean if you have a small kitchen layout you should just give up. In fact, that’s reason to get creative and to look for new ways to organize your kitchen and to make as functional and as practical as possible while at the same time maintaining a welcoming and pleasant look throughout the room. These 25 ideas should give you a nice boost.

Squeezed inside a 29 square meter apartment from Wroclaw, Poland, this small kitchen designed by Ewa Czerny shows that it’s not only possible to make tiny spaces look stylish but that it’s actually not that complicated. The minimalist palette of colors and materials helped a lot in this case.

This is the tiny kitchen of an apartment measuring only 33 square meters across, located in Moscow, Russia. It was designed by Studio Bazi and it appears to be seamlessly connected to a large storage unit. In fact, folding doors allow this kitchen to be completely hidden and disguised as a large closet space.

A lot of modern homes have open floor plans where the kitchen, living room, dining area and sometimes other functions too share a single volume. In some cases like that of this 38 square meter apartment in Brazil, there’s not space to work with so the transition between the functions can be a bit abrupt. The divider between the small kitchen and the living area is a cool detail which makes the transition quite seamless. This is a design by Estúdio BRA.

A simple and efficient way to make a small space appear larger and airy is to use light colors and finishes. A good example is this 30 square meter apartment in Paris designed by Richard Guilbault. We really like the small white kitchen and the tall island which doubles as a breakfast table and bar.

When designing and furnishing a small kitchen, most often than not compromises have to be made. Take this 27 square meter apartment in Darlinghurst, Australia. It was designed by architect Brad Swartz and its kitchen is too small for a full-sized fridge, hence the mini version. However, the washing machine fits in there so that’s definitely great. There are seems to be a good amount of storage which is also worth mentioning.

Room dividers are very useful in small apartments because they allow one to organize the floor plan without the need for interior walls which take up valuable space. Take this tiny apartment from Paris for example. It has a 25 square meter floor plan and its small kitchen and living area are separated from the sleeping area by a shelving unit. It’s a rather cool idea designed by studio SWAN Architectes.

A lot of small kitchen ideas have to do with custom furniture. This apartment from Tokyo is a good example. Instead of separate rooms with solid walls between them, Yuichi Yoshida & associates gave this apartment an open layout where the functions are delineated by furniture. The kitchen and bedroom unit combo is pretty cool and unusual.

Speaking of custom furniture and small kitchen layouts, check out another inspiring space designed by Ruetemple and located in Moscow. Although the kitchen is tiny, it has plenty of storage as well as room for basic appliances, a large fridge, good lighting and even a small fold-down table.

This apartment from Barcelona was designed by Eva Cotman and shows just how important the role of the kitchen island is, not just because it gives you extra counter space which is very useful for small kitchens but also because it can double as a divider, marking the line between the kitchen and the dining area or living room.

This is a surprisingly big kitchen considering this apartment in Paris only measures 20 square meters in total. The curious thing here is that the apartment lacks a living room. Instead, its social area is right here in the kitchen. A set of steps offer access to a small but cozy sleeping area and the counter actually serves as a stepping platform. This was a project by studio BETILLON / DORVAL‐BORY.

A well-organized kitchen saves space and time and can influence the overall decor and ambiance of the entire home, especially when it’s part of an open floor plan. This design created by llabb is a great source of inspiration in this sense. With the sink on one side and the cooktop on the other, there’s just enough counter space in between for prepping simple meals and there’s even a little bit of space for fresh herb pots in front of the window.

Since there’s not a lot of space to work with and not enough room for extra features, a small kitchen has to stand out through details such as a colorful and eye-catching backsplash, an unusual furniture color or custom features that look good and save space at the same time. This apartment designed by Studio Bazi is a good example in this sense.

A retractable wall like the one in this apartment designed by IR arquitectura opens up the kitchen (and the rest of the floor plan) and offers extra floor space during the warm months. Even if you don’t actually use the extra floor space it’s still nice to have a more airy and spacious feel throughout the apartment.

After a complete remodel, this small apartment from Sao Paulo got a new and improved layout thanks to studio Vão, one which actually makes sense. The social areas and the kitchen are now facing the street facade, allowing the private zone to sit at the back. At the same time, the new interior design has a lot of character. Check out the kitchen and how welcoming it looks with that wooden storage unit and the white cabinets at the top.

Although very small, this efficiency apartment in New York doesn’t seem to struggle when it comes to floor space or functionality. That’s because it was designed by MKCA, a studio with extensive knowledge when it comes to micro homes. They were even able to expand the small kitchen and to give it a storage pantry.

If this kitchen looks unusual, that’s because this entire penthouse apartment is. It’s located inside a building that used to be a church, hence the unconventional layout. The interior design was done by VORBILD Architecture and it’s modern with traditional and industrial hints. The kitchen features this unusually big island at the center which pretty much fills the room.

The secret to maintaining a spacious and welcoming ambiance in this small one-room apartment is the Scandinavian design. A particularly eye-catching feature is the kitchen island which has this brick base and which contrasts with pretty much everything else in this small and modern kitchen.

Some kitchen are small and some are really tiny, like this one for instance. This is a corner kitchen with barely enough room for the basic things like a stove and a sink. Still, it has plenty of storage space and a full-size fridge frames it nicely. Also, check out the pink floor tiles and that funky wallpaper.

A large window is usually a great interior design feature. That includes small kitchens such as this one. The windows let in sunlight and make this tiny room feel bright and airy. However, that also means that big section of the wall can’t be used for storage. This is yet another kind of compromise which has to be made when designing small spaces.

Yes there’s barely enough room in this kitchen to make coffee in the morning but sometimes that’s all you need (that would be the case with small holiday cabins or college dorm rooms). In any case, it’s important in these cases to prioritize the elements that matter the most.

This would have to be one of out favorite small kitchens. We enjoy the simplicity of the design, the colors used throughout and the fact that the island doubles as a bar and as a space divider. This is a really great setup which can potentially inspire a lot of cool future projects.

When you want to make a small kitchen appear larger and more spacious, one of your best options is to use white and the primary and possibly even the only color. It really brightens up the space. For contrast you can rely on appliances or the floor tiles to contrast with everything else in the room. Let this kitchen interior by Spectra Design inspire you. 

Surprisingly, black can also be a valid color option for small kitchens. Contrary to general belief, black doesn’t always makes spaces look dark and gloomy. In fact, it’s a perfect nuance to complement white walls with. That’s why the black and white combo is timeless. This kitchen right here was put together by Natura Design.

Black doesn’t only look elegant when combined with white. In fact, we actually like this kitchen even better. It has glossy black cabinets and a matching fridge but the walls have this lovely buttery color which looks wonderful in the context of the apartment as a whole.

On the other hand, you can use bright colors and soft pastels to make a small kitchen appear larger and more airy. This would have to come in combination with a simple and breezy decor and could mean certain compromises have to be made. For instance, this lovely kitchen looks beautiful but lacks wall-mounted cabinetry.

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