Modern Furniture On Wheels Meant To Simplify Your Everyday Life

Moving furniture around the house is something we all do from time to time. It’s a way to rejuvenate a space and change the ambiance without actually bringing anything new into the mix and without investing any money.

Peter Kostelov furniture on wheels for small apartmentsCarlo Trolley on CastersCarlota TunTum Bar Cart on wheels

This sort of flexibility sometimes gets a new meaning with pieces such as bar carts, rolling cabinets, chairs or tables. Furniture on wheels can take many different forms and is useful in all sorts of ways, whether it’s just a simple cart you can push around or something totally revolutionary like a custom-made, modular collection of chairs, benches, tables and everything else a space needs in order to be both welcoming and functional. Below you can find our top ten favorite designs from this category.

You may not think you need a cart but just imagine how useful one could be if you actually had one. The Carlota cart from Tuntum is a cool option. It has a simple and timeless design and four wheels so you can easily push it around when serving tea, snacks, drinks or even meals. It has a small shelf on one side, a tray on top and a good amount of storage inside for bottles, plates, glasses and other things.

This is Carlo, a bar trolley with a super casual and friendly-looking design. It’s also very versatile. You can use it to serve drinks or a basic serving table and you can keep it in the kitchen where you can use it as a small island or a side table or some sorts. This rattan cart includes 8 built-in slots for bottles, and a bottom shelf. It also has small casters so you can easily move it around.

The Chariot is a cart with a design which puts emphasis on the wheels in the sense that they’re huge. This, however, doesn’t make it look disproportionate. In fact, the design is very wholesome and quite chic and modern at the same time. The cart is composed of three sections: the trays which double as storage shelves, the metal structure which doubles as a handle and the wheels which frame everything in a very artistic way.

A desk on wheels can turn out to be very useful too. The Go-Cart rolling desk is a cool example in this sense. It’s made of metal with a black powder-coated finish so the wheels actually suit it well. Given the overall design, shape and size this is actually not specifically meant to serve as a desk. It can also be used as a console table or even as a serving table or cart with a simplified look.

Carts aren’t the only things that are more practical with wheels on. To diversify our options a bit, let’s have a look at the stylish Shoji wardrobe which features a simple yet sophisticated design, with a transparent glass frame, a wooden storage module at the bottom and mirrored sliding doors. You can get either in a fixed version or with castors.

Usually it’s not that often that you have to relocate the dining table, at least not if you have a dedicated dining area. However, that’s not always the case so a table on wheels can prove to be very practical and user-friendly. Check out the Flat Table which has fixed legs on one side and wheels on the other. It’s actually a very versatile piece of furniture which can easily double as a desk. It comes with either a white or a black top and matching wheels.

The Colonial Trunk Bar is another cool piece of furniture which maximizes storage and functionality in a very elegant way. With its doors closed, it looks compact and is actually quite small in size. Open the doors and you’ll find a surprising amount of storage for bottles, glasses and everything else. The casters let you move the bar around as needed.

Architect Peter Kostelov took the idea of furniture on wheels to a whole new level when he renovated a small apartment in Manhattan and completely change its layout and the way in which it’s meant to be used. Initially, the apartment had two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom and even though that sounds like a reasonable amount of space it wasn’t since all the rooms were small. The new design opens up the spaces and takes advantage of movable furniture on wheels to ensure a flexible and more customizable layout as well as an airy, fresh and spacious look throughout the apartment.

Furniture on wheels was also the perfect solution for this cool office space that INpuls designed for the WFP Innovation Accelerator, located in Munich, Germany. The company wanted a work environment that would be flexible and modular, able to accommodate both long-term employees and colleagues visiting the office from time to time. This is how the setup looks like.

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