Studio Progress — Electrical, HVAC and Spray Foam Insulation

studio during spray foam insulation process - shaved foam from walls covering the floor

Three out of the four things that I hired the contractor to take care of have been finished. All of the electrical has been finished to the point it needs to be before drywall goes up. The HVAC ductwork has all been rerouted. And the spray foam insulation went in yesterday. I’ve only ever had spray foam in an attic, so it was very interesting watching how they had to do the walls and vaulted ceiling. The spray foam initially puffs up and sticks out past the studs and rafters, so then they have to go back and shave off all of the excess so that the drywall will fit right up against the studs and rafters. It’s an incredibly messy process!! I was amazed that they got it finished and cleaned up as quickly as they did. They arrived at 7:30 and began taping up doors and windows, and then started spraying around 8:30 or so. They had everything sprayed, shaved, and cleaned up by around 1:30 or 2:00. There’s one area inside the studio vaulted ceiling that they didn’t do because the new carport roof extends over that area, so they sprayed that area between the carport roof […]

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