Throwing In The Towel (With My Aching, Swollen Hand)

Well, I’m done with the electrical work in my studio. Let me clarify. It’s not finished, but I am. I’m calling in the pros to finish it up for me. And it’s not because I don’t know how to do it, or I feel like it’s above my head. It’s because I injured myself yesterday in a way that really scared me. I could probably count on one hand the number of times in my DIY life that I’ve had a power tool accident that really scared me and injured me, but this was one of those times. And it had nothing to do with the actual electrical work. It had to do with this devil of a drill… This is not my daily use drill. The drill I use for daily tasks, like putting a screw in the wall to hand a picture, or install drawer slides, is a little lightweight blue drill that I’ve had forever. I love that thing. It’s the perfect size for my small hands, and like I said, it doesn’t weigh a whole lot, so it’s easy for my wrists to support and use on tasks that take hours. This big DeWalt, on the […]

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