Electrical Wiring Basics Part 2 – Wiring A Circuit

Last year, I wrote a post about the first steps in how to wire a room, including info on circuit breaker panels, what a circuit is, and all of those basics. If you missed that post, or want to refresh your memory, you can find that here… Wiring The Studio, Part 1 (Electrical Basics – Circuit Breaker Panels, Circuits, and More) This isn’t really exciting stuff, but I know many of you were interested in learning the basics. And even if you’re not looking to rewire your house, I do believe that information is empowering. And it’s a good thing for homeowners to understand how things like electrical circuits work. NOTE: This isn’t necessarily intended as a tutorial, but is more for removing the mystery and helping you understand how this very important part of your home works. Take caution if you choose to do any wiring on your home. Before starting, you need to check local building codes, local requirements, etc. All counties have different and specific requirements, so check with your local building permit office. Since I’m currently working on my studio, I want to show you how I wired one of the five electrical circuits in my […]

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