Happiness Is…Color

I don’t have any studio progress to share just yet, but I’ve been taking a look back at what I’ve accomplished so far on this house, and I wanted to give you a little mini “at a glance” house tour. Ever since the beginning of the year (and since I did my little blog redesign), I’ve been trying to get things a little more organized around my corner of the internet. And one thing I’ve been trying to get updated is my home tour page. Y’all, I can’t even tell you how encouraging that process has been. Just to go back and see all of the rooms of my house as they looked when we bought the house, and then to see how they look now, is so fun, so encouraging, and so motivating. But what I love the most is seeing all of the color. It’s no secret that I love color, and so seeing all of the rooms together on one page just makes me smile. Here’s what I’m talking about… I’m still convinced that my breakfast room needs a little something more to add some oomph. Those white curtains will have to go eventually (or get a […]

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