Studio Cabinet Color Options

I’ve been working on the electrical stuff in the studio, which isn’t pretty, but it’s definitely necessary. So while I’m working on the non-pretty stuff, I’ve been dreaming of what the studio will look like when it’s actually finished. I’ve been envisioning green cabinets, which I shared the other day. I knew the green paint colors in those inspiration pics weren’t exactly what I’d need to go with my wallpaper, but I figured I could pick a green from the wallpaper that would be pretty close. Well, I was wrong. There’s no green in that wallpaper that comes even close to those inspiration green paint colors. So I started pulling out other colors directly from the wallpaper to see if any struck me as a potential cabinet color. As a reminder, here’s the wallpaper… And here is the sample that I ordered from Spoonflower… I did try the greens first, but none were even close to those bright kelly green inspiration pictures. Here’s a sampling of the greens I pulled right out of this wallpaper… And here they are with the wallpaper. Here’s the first green… That’s just such a blah color. It does nothing for the wallpaper. Or me, […]

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