Beautiful Ways To Use Gray In Interior Design

Gray may not be the most exciting color out there but it’s actually one of the most popular colors used in modern and contemporary interior design, being appreciated for its versatility and simplicity. You can use gray in interior design in so many cool and exciting ways and it’s actually easy to see why this is in fact not a boring color after all, especially when you pair it with other nuances.

Light grays are great because they’re very luminous and they don’t make spaces look dark or gloomy. They’re wonderful alternatives to whites and they look beautiful in a lot of different settings and decors.

We love the look of textured gray walls. There are certain techniques which can be used to make a wall look as if it’s made of stone or to look like a cloudy sky. The effect is wonderful in both cases.

Not all grays look cold and austere. There’s also an array of warm grays which you can use in spaces such as living rooms or bedrooms if you want to keep the interior design simple and neutral and make it look welcoming and comfortable at the same time.

Dark grays can look exquisite and very elegant. They’re not as deep or as rich as black so they seem less dramatic and a bit more friendly. This often makes them a desirable alternative to black which can sometimes look intimidating.

As we said before, there are a lot of colors you can pair with gray. In fact, gray looks great when paired with pretty much any other color, including neutrals. You can complement a gray rug with beige or brown armchairs to add a warm touch to the decor.

A color combination that we find particularly beautiful is between gray and orange. These two nuances complement each other and emphasize each other’s distinctive characteristics. You can outline them and bring out the beauty in each one by adding white and black elements to the decor. The same thing can be said about yellow which also pairs great with gray.

When using cool grays, consider adding a warm accent color to the mix to balance the decor. you can achieve a similar effect with wood furniture and accessories. It can also be interesting to add a cool accent color as well. We suggest green.

When decorating a room, if there’s already a bold and eye-catching element in the space everything else should be less striking, preferably even neutral. A good example is this sofa which is nicely complemented by the gray area rug.

Darker shades of gray are great for walls. Contrary to what many people think, dark-colored walls don’t necessarily make spaces look tiny, cramped and gloomy. Such decors can look very elegant if decorated properly.

You can pair gray with all sorts of materials, finishes and textures to bring out its beauty and to give it a rich and eye-catching look. It can be interesting to decorate using layers and contrasting materials or finishes.

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