A Little Progress, A Lot Of Vision

I did get started on the studio yesterday, but I’ll be honest. If I hadn’t posted yesterday about needing accountability, I wouldn’t have gotten anything done at all. In fact, I put it off as long as I could, and then around 4:30 yesterday, I said to myself, “Kristi, you HAVE TO show progress tomorrow because people are going to ask. So GET.SOMETHING.DONE.” Accountability works. There’s nothing drastic about the progress I made, but I did put in a good two hours of work. At least it’s a start. And at least the room doesn’t feel quite so suffocating anymore. This is what it looked like yesterday before I got started… And this is this morning… There’s a little more breathing room, and a little more room to move around, as evidenced by Cooper. Yesterday, he was trapped. (Did you even notice him? It’s my own version of Where’s Waldo?  😀 ) And now he can roam a bit freer. (Don’t worry. The saw has a blade guard on it, and it’s not plugged in. He just likes to sniff all the things.) So it’s not huge progress, but it’s progress. And the best part is that I got over that […]

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