10 Stair Handrail Ideas With Glamorous Designs

Staircases are awesome focal points and important interior design features which have a big impact on the overall decor and ambiance of a home or building. At the same time, they’re permanent features which means once a staircase is installed it’s there to stay. You can still give it makeovers every once in a while or give it more character with a new stair handrail design. In fact, the handrails are full of potential and can truly change the look of a staircase and the space around it. Check out ten of our top favorite handrail systems.

A built-in handrail has the advantage of looking minimalist which is a core attribute of a lot of modern and contemporary designs. One of the best concepts in this sense was applied by studio Neri&Hu which created this gorgeous wooden staircase for the Bloomberg office located in Hong Kong.

Another cool concept is that of a stair handrail with built-in accent lighting. A great example is the design created by hamhuis architecten in collaboration with EeStairs for a home in The Netherlands. The handrail is neatly inserted into an alcove built into the wall and the accent lighting gives it a very cool look plus it’s very useful at night.

The built-in handrail trend also influenced the design created by Quinn Architects for a house in Los Angeles. The staircase wall containing the handrails was clad in marble and gives a very elegant and sophisticated look to an otherwise very simple and basic staircase design.

The combination of wood, glass and metal is exquisite and gives this staircase a sturdy yet at the same time lightweight appearance. This is a design adopted by MU Architecture for a home located in Quebec, Canada. The handrails match the steps of the staircase which in turn coordinate perfectly with the wooden floors.

A more sculptural and eye-catching handrail/guardrail design such as this one can definitely steal all the attention from the actual staircase. That’s actually a great strategy you can use if the goal is to keep the staircase as simple and as minimal as possible. This particular design is the work of designer Marc Fornes /THEVERYMANY.

Sometimes the most obvious and simple of choices is also the best one. Take this staircase for example, in a home designed by CR2 Arquitetura in São Paulo, Brazil. The metal rod handrail is so simple and so elegant. At the same time the handrail gives the staircase a lightweight and graphical look, a perfect complement for the floating concrete structure and wooden steps. 

For an even cleaner and more open look, glass staircase railings which implicitly double as handrails are perfect because they don’t obstruct the views in any way and they let the light freely travel through them. The soft accent lighting makes this particular design look even more exquisite.

The floating staircase and the metal pipe handrail are independent from one another in this beautiful design created by ASWA for an artist’s studio/ gallery located in Bangkok, Thailand. This gives them a graceful and fluid appearance and an artistic vibe. 

The staircase built by studio Atmoss has one of the most amazing designs you’ll ever see. This is the main staircase of the Hide restaurant in London and it looks gorgeous. It’s a spiral staircase which branches out seamlessly and has wavy stairs and handrails that perfectly capture the magical vibe of the design.

Speaking of beautiful spiral staircases, check out this stylish design created by Powerhouse Company for an office space in Dublin. The whole interior design features glamorous, timeless lines and carefully-selected accessories and the staircase is the main focal point of the space. Everything about it is just right, including the curving handrails.

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