Colorful Small Bathroom Makeover

My colorful small bathroom makeover is finally finished! This is the bathroom that’s in the hallway — the same one that I completely remodeled about four years ago. And at the beginning of this month, I decided that it needed a shot of color. Here’s how it turned out… Almost all of last year, this bathroom had a dull gray vanity and grayish green walls. I didn’t realize just how boring and depressing the bathroom felt until I changed the wall color and added some bold color to the room. Here’s how it looked before… I can’t believe I lived with that for a whole year. 😀 The “new” bathroom is so much more me. The makeover started with the new shower curtain fabric, which actually isn’t new at all. I bought that in 2016 during my failed attempt to turn my living room into a dining room. I had intended to use that fabric for the dining chairs, I believe. I can’t really remember now. But it’s been sitting in a box ever since I gave up on that vision and realized that my living rooms should be a living room. I’m so glad I came across that fabric […]

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