Design the Perfect Personal Retreat With These Master Bedroom Decor Tips

It’s a very personal space in the home and it absolutely has to be relaxing: The master bedroom. There are lots of options for decorating the bedroom in ways that make you feel comfortable and at ease, but in the end, many bedrooms start looking alike. We’ve rounded up some master bedroom decor tips that can help bring your space from the ordinary to something special. Some of them involve breaking informal decorating rules, using unexpected elements and just trying something different, in general.

Unexpected Lighting

A master bedroom needs lighting that is not only functional but also ambient, which helps set a calming mood. Sure, lamps on the bedside table are the standard choice but they are not a must. One of the master bedroom decor tips is to think about other ways to get the illumination you need. This bedroom features a modern, graceful arcing fixture that directs light down at the head of the bead, which is suitable for reading. In the corner, a novel floor lamp provides lighting for the other side of the bed and adds a design feature in an often-neglected area. Lastly, the desk at the side has lamp for task lighting.

Novel Nightstands

It’s tough to function with a bed that doesn’t have a spot next to it to set down a book, glass, clock or other necessity and for time immemorial this has meant using nightstands. But instead of the usual matching nightstands, today’s designs feature a lot of different options, from small round tables to decorative stumps and floating shelves. This modern bed design has a low-slung upholstered headboard with an awesome adjustable bedside shelf.  The small but very functional shelf can be slid along the top of the headboard as needed. This style can be very useful in a master bedroom where space may be tight or where you want a more clutter-free look.

Modern Canopy Bed

Canopy beds have generally been associated with traditional decor or very feminine styles, but that’s not necessarily the case. Another one of our master bedroom decor tips is to consider a modern canopy bed.  Here, a minimalist four-poster design sports sheer pleated panels that are attached with ties, which is a more relaxed look. Also, pendant lighting can be hung lower than usual to put more light onto the bed area. Finally, a streamlined, gilded bench at the foot of the bed is a chic choice that is different from the typical upholstered bedroom bench.

Platform Beds

Traditionally, beds have featured a frame, box springs and a mattress, but opting for a platform design is one of the fastest ways to update the look of a master bedroom. The lower profile and streamlined silhouette are more contemporary than a mattress/box spring combination, which often requires a bed skirt, which is falling out of favor. This particular platform bed also features an upholstered headboard that has a modern look, thanks to its low height and innovative design.

Some platform beds sit higher than others, thanks to the taller base.  This one features a matching base and headboard that have unusual banding along the tufting. This provides a more masculine feeling while keeping to a lighter color palette. Opting for a more unusual bed will transform the entire room, even if you don’t change anything else in the space, and this can be one of the best master bedroom decor tips.

Backlit Shelving

Of all the elements typically included in the master bedroom, shelving is not terribly common, although perhaps it should be — especially if it includes interior or backlighting. This kind of illumination provides the right level of soft light for a quiet mood and offers a place to store and display items. The shelves could display anything from favorite mementos to jewelry, accessories or watches. In addition, avid readers might like to keep favorite books close at hand for bedtime reading.

Bookcase Headboards

For avid readers or others, the modern bookcase headboard is another one of the fabulous master bedroom decor tips. Older versions featured a basic shelf or two where the headboard would be, but new designs can incorporate lighting, storage, a real headboard and bedside tables all in one stylish package. That’s exactly what this platform bed does. The upholstered headboard is flanked by panels that extend into bedside drawers. Over the headboard, an LED light strip offer up plenty of illumination for reading and above that, there is enough shelving for all the books, magazines and accessories you might want.

Accent Wall for the Bed

Headboards are certainly the way to highlight the bed but also using an accent wall behind the bed is sure to up the impact. Here, an abstract pattern in a geometric repetition creates a dramatic background for the modern bed. The textile pattern of the headboard is distinct but blends well. The mix of patterns in the room, in general, is quite eclectic with a rug in a low-key pattern and a bedspread in a complementary pattern.

Another one of the drama-filled master bedroom decor tips is installing a mural on the wall behind the bed. While a hand-painted mural is a custom — and costly  — choice, other options are more affordable. Large-scale digitally printed wall murals are readily available, both as large format prints and murals in the style of a painting. The beauty of this idea is that with the peel-and-stick removable wall coverings that are now being marketed, even apartment dwellers can do this in the bedroom.

Daybed Style for Lounging

Those who live in a studio or smaller space might end up spending more time in the bedroom and there are plenty of day-bed style options that are ideal for lounging as well as sleeping. This colorful arrangement by Missoni pairs black and white graphic tribal prints with colorful textiles in the trademark flame print. Graphic textiles like these are ideal for pairing with other styles of printed pieces for a lively space. The platform bed could be used in a living space specifically for lounging too.

Chic Color Palettes

Chic neutrals and a graphic rug are often the prescriptions for injecting style into a living room, but how about in the bedroom? This sophisticated color palette of black, gray and cool cream shades makes for a very serene retreat, especially for those who prefer to leave color to the living room. Far from mundane, clean lines, an impactful paneled wall, textural artwork and bold sconces create a multilayered backdrop for the bed and other furnishings.

Graphic Wall Covering

Master bedroom decor tips for the walls include choosing a bold graphic print. In this space, it has a neutral color palette, which is important for blending with the furnishings and creating an interesting but still cool bedroom retreat. Going too bold with color in a large graphic print could give the bedroom a frenzied feeling instead of a restful one. It’s important not to choose drama over a calming vibe.

Innovative Headboard

For the longest time, bed headboards were generally limited to wood, metals like brass and some upholstered models. Thank goodness those days are long gone because designers are now offering all kinds of alternatives for headboards, from big and opulent to low-profile and casual, like this one. Modern beds, especially platform beds, are ideal with a cushion-style headboard, which emphasizes a casual ambiance. These types of headboards are also a great way to inject a small dose of bold color into the space because it can easily be recovered or replaced.

Wall Decor and Plants Aplenty

Plants and wall decor figure prominently in other rooms in the home, but how about in the master bedroom? It actually makes plenty of sense to have these because people spend so much time in the bedroom, why shouldn’t it feature the favorite artworks?  Also, plants are a healthy addition to any space for so many reasons that incorporating them into the bedroom is almost a no-brainer. More than just a healthy environment, certain types of plants can add drama, such as these vines that cascade down, adding a natural ambiance to the bedroom.

A Royal Air

For those who are into opulent luxury, there’s no better place to create this type of atmosphere. Among all the master bedroom decor tips, this one has definite characteristics that project opulence. Plenty of gold, deep tufting, luxurious fabrics, lush draperies and a dramatic headboard are the elements required for a bedroom that’s truly fit for a king or queen!

As we already said, the master bedroom is a personal retreat and must be comfortable and totally relaxing. Why not try one of these master bedroom decor tips to create a space that is the ultimate stylish refuge?

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