DIY Shadow Box Frame (And My Artwork Fail)

A few days ago, I shared with y’all that I wanted to frame a series of nine resin petries to hang on the bathroom wall during its current colorful makeover. First I want to show you how I made the simple DIY shadow box frames that I made for the petries, because you can use this idea to frame all kinds of two-dimensional and three-dimensional items. And then I’ll show you why I don’t think they work well on the bathroom wall. These are the resin petries I wanted to frame. They’re about four inches in diameter. And I wanted to display them in very simple easy-to-make shadow box frames. How to build the shadow box frames Step 1: Cut four pieces of 1″ x 2″ lumber the same length, mitered on the ends. I cut my four pieces to approximately 10 inches long, mitered on the corners. Then I put them together using wood glue and 1.25-inch 18-gauge nails. Note that I would generally use my table saw to cut a rabbet into the 1″ x 2″ lumber before cutting the pieces, but for some reason, I couldn’t get the blade on my table saw to raise or lower. […]

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