DIY Shower Curtain (In A Colorful Watercolor Floral Fabric)

new DIY decorative shower curtain made of bright watercolor floral fabric 2

I finally got my new DIY shower curtain made! I was beginning to think it would never be finished with all of my sewing machine problems, and then the fact that the fabric I was using was a complete pain to work with. I was about ready to scrap the entire project and start over with a new fabric. But I’m glad I kept going, because this DIY shower curtain in the bright watercolor floral fabric adds so much color and life to my previously blah bathroom. I still haven’t painted the walls, and that drab green color is doing the room no favors. It will soon be a bright, clean white. I wish I could change the tiles in the accent border, but that’s way more than I want to do right now. So for now, the tiles will stay. But I might swap those out later this year or next year after I’ve gotten way more done on the rooms I’m actually supposed to be working on this year. 😀 Here’s a peek of the new shower curtain with the colorful resin petries that I intend to frame for the wall, and a glimpse of the new cabinet […]

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