It’s Time To Update Your Closet – 15 Inspiring Ideas

The closet is a crucial part of any home but is also a surprisingly often neglected feature. A well-designed closet system can truly change the overall ambiance and design of a space. That, however, requires a good amount of research and planning, all of which is well worth it in our opinion. We all know how frustrating it can be to have a messy closet so to help you keep everything in check we’ve put together a few closet organizer ideas which we hope will inspire you to make some changes.

A dressing room is obviously ideal but it’s much use having one if you don’t organize it well. Ideally it would all be tailored to your own needs but that doesn’t mean you can’t find inspiration in the designs other chose for their own closet spaces and dressing rooms. A good example could be this Florida home designed by SDH Studio.

A closet space doesn’t have to be overly customized in order to be very practical and user-friendly. Given that generally everyone has more or less the same storage requirements, we can safely assume that a series of open shelves and compartments or different dimensions as well as a few drawers and some hanging rods would be pretty much all one needs. A good distribution of these elements can be seen in the project done by Victoria Design Group.

Of course, storage efficiency isn’t everything when it comes to a closet or a dressing room. Looks and ambiance matter too and one aspect in particular which a lot of us focus on is creating an open and airy feel. That can be done in a variety of different ways such as using large mirrors or, if you want something a bit more unconventional and spectacular at the same time, a skylight or a glass ceiling. For inspiration, check out the design done by José Carlos Cruz.

When you have a small apartment there’s not much room for a big closet so compromises have to be made. That’s not always a bad thing, as there are many creative and cool ideas you can use to make the most of every bit of space you have. For example, a raised loft bed/ sleeping nook with pull-out storage underneath is a great idea. One of the best representations of this concept was done by Studio Bazi.

Having an open closet nook similar to this one just outside or even in the bedroom or next to the bathroom can be super handy and practical. We like the built-in LED light strips and the fact that everything is easy within reach. This is a space organized and decorated by Susanna Cots Interior Design.

A well-organized closet space with good illumination is generally everything one needs and to this you can add any individual features that could suit your own particular closet such as an island, a chair, a large mirror, cute and chic storage boxes and baskets, etc. This design done by Walker Warner Architects can give you an idea of how it could all turn out.

There are a lot of cool ways in which simple bedroom closets can be customized in order to make the most of their functionality and to increase their appeal. For instance, you can add LED lighting inside and mirrors on the doors. The idea comes from the design created by Kurt Krueger Architect for a residence remodel in Brentwood, California.

The entire floor plan of this penthouse in Vancouver designed by Feenstra Architecture maximizes the 360 degree views of the city, including this amazing closet room with large windows on two sides and lots of great storage solutions.

Obviously, if space allows it, you can have an entire room dedicated just to storage, like a giant closet. Instead of hiding everything behind closed doors you can opt for open storage. A custom unit would be the best option. We recommend checking out this design created by Studio 1408 for a beautiful apartment located in Bucharest, Romania.

A great way to maximize storage in a closet or dressing room is by having shelves and compartments built all the way up to the ceiling. They’re good for storing off-season clothing and other rarely-used items. A ladder conveniently provides access to these areas, as shown in this configuration created by studio McClean Design.

As previously mentioned, good illumination and an open and airy design are the key to creating a practical and user-friendly closet/ dressing room design. A perfect example of how that can be achieved is offered here by Central de Arquitectura

Good closet organization also means having a suitable storage solution for every type of item that goes in there while at the same time avoiding being too diversified in your choices and maintaining a simple design limited to a few storage systems. We’re particularly impressed by the clever pants storage rack featured in this closet.

You must definitely take into consideration what exactly you wish to store in your closet. For example, if you have an extensive collection of shoes, you need a proper way to store and display them. We suggest a simple set of open shelves like the ones in this residence from Manhattan. There’s also plenty of room in here for clothing, handbags and other accessories.

For those who seek a compact and multifunctional way of dealing with the storage and organization needs in a small home there are awesome solutions such the innovative Living Cube designed by Till Koenneker. It functions as a closet, TV unit and bed, all in one conveniently-organized module. It’s a good solution for small apartments or rentals and even for typical guest rooms.

It’s always great to try to find ways to personalize your closet space. That includes custom storage systems but also basic accessories such as an eye-catching area rug, a beautiful chandelier, artwork on walls and little things like vases, sculptures, terrariums and other decorative details cleverly integrated into the design and decor of the space.

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