How To Make The Most Of a Shiplap Accent Wall

In case you haven’t heard, shiplap is the latest trend in interior design. We’ve already talked about this when we covered a few tips on how to add shiplap walls to a room and now we’re back with even more great ideas. Before we get into details, let’s quickly remember what shiplap actually means. Well, as it turns out, it’s a kind of wooden board with grooves at the top and bottom which ensure a tight seal and allow the pieces to fit together snuggly. Such boards are often used when building sheds and barns and lately they’ve become quite popular in modern interior decor where they’re used to create shiplap accent walls.

As it turns out, shiplap accent walls are exactly what we want to talk to you about today so let’s start with this absolutely charming beach home designed by studio Geoff Chick & Associates. Shiplap is usually displayed horizontally but can also be installed vertically and you see here both options looking just great.

Shiplap can be used to spruce up a wall such as this one. What’s particularly interesting in this case is the color which combined with the texture and the pattern turn this staircase wall into a beautiful focal point which suits this beach house in the most wonderful way. Check out thisoldhouse if you want to find out more about the house.

A shiplap accent wall can take many different forms and there are plenty of cool ways to customize the concept. An interesting idea comes from Bria Hammel Interiors. the studio which designed this charming shiplap fireplace surround.

Shiplap gives walls a finished look and is a great option is you want to bring a farmhouse vibe into your home. You can make the most of this look by extending it throughout the house. You could install shiplap on all the walls although that could be a bit too much so you could limit yourself to just the transition areas. Check out this design by Urban Grace Interiors if you need inspiration.

Even if all the walls in a room are covered in shiplap one of them can still stand out and become an accent wall. One option is to paint it using a color that contrasts with the rest of the walls. This bedroom can be a good source of inspiration in this case.

In the bedroom you can create an awesome shiplap accent wall behind the bed. This one decorated by Dawson Design Group has a built-in nook and light sconces but the design possibilities are infinite. You can even pick a cool color because, as you can see, the shiplap ensures a warm and cozy look.

Shiplap is not just for farmhouse-inspired decors. This is in fact a very versatile design feature which can look awesome in any type of space or decor. Check out this beach-style living room by Mawr Design  for instance. It features a gorgeous shiplap accent wall that truly brings the space together in a wonderful way.

As you know by now, there are many ways to customize and interpret this whole shiplap accent wall trend. For example, instead of painting the boards white or some other color you can stain the wood and allow it to have a more natural appearance. This way you can create an accent wall that gives the space a lovely warm and welcoming look.

You can also shiplap to extend a focal point and to create a more cohesive interior design. In this rustic mountain retreat designed by LivingStone the bunk beds blend into the shiplap wall while at the same time contrasting with it.

The shiplap accent wall created by AMW Design Studio is super charming and we love everything about it. From what it seems, the boards have the look of reclaimed wood and this gives the decor a lot of character.

Shiplap can also be a nice alternative to wallpaper. It’s simpler and some would also say it’s also more practical and easier to install. It adds texture to the space and it makes the installation of decorations super easy. Check out this minimalist decor created by Chelsea Lauren Interiors as an example.

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