2019 Master List Of Home Goals

Breakfast room remodel

Happy 2019, y’all! Wow…2019. I hope all of you had a wonderful ending to 2018. I personally sat on my butt on my bed, snuggled under my comfy blanket and glued to Netflix, for the entire last week. It was glorious. I didn’t do one single home-related project over the last eight days. I didn’t cook. I didn’t clean. If it couldn’t be done from a seating position on my bed in front of the TV, it didn’t get done. That’s why you’ll notice that the blog has a new look (which could be done on my laptop while I sat in bed), but I don’t yet have pictures of the pantry to show you. It’s kind of difficult to take pictures of the pantry from my bed. 😀 Those are coming very soon, and I’ll probably even show a preview on Instagram. But today, it’s back to reality, and back to work. I’m shedding my comfy blanket, returning custody of the TV remote to Matt, and gearing up for what I believe will be an exciting and very productive year. My week off was amazing and just what I needed to get rested and refreshed, but I’m excited to […]

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