An Addition To My 2019 House Goals (My Hallway Bathroom…Again)

Do you have a room or area in your house that you walk into and just think ‘‘ugh…this just isn’t right’? Well, that’s how I feel every time I walk into my hallway bathroom, which is generally a few times a day. And y’all, no finished area in our houses should make us feel that way. As much as I’ve been trying over the last couple of years to avoid redoing areas that I’ve deemed are finished, I just can’t commit to living with my hallway bathroom looking like it does now for another year. Now granted, what I have now is way better than what I started out with… In 2015, I remodeled that bathroom, ripping it down to the studs, ceiling joists, and floor joists, and completely rebuilt it. And after that remodel, it looked like this… You can see more of that hallway bathroom before and after here… Hallway Bathroom Remodel – Before And After But then at the end of 2017/beginning of 2018, during the hallway remodel, I decided to paint all of the hallway doors teal, which meant that the bathroom vanity color needed to change. And because nothing else I tried seemed to work with the dark […]

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