How To Decorate A Teenage Girl’s Bedroom – The Cute And Stylish Approach

Furnishing and decorating a bedroom can be pretty fun although the whole planning and researching ideas can be time-consuming and frustrating. That’s why we thought we’d help by quickly reviewing some of our favorite ideas. These are best suited for teenage girl bedrooms but that doesn’t mean you can’t adapt them for other case scenarios. When you break down the designs they’re actually pretty versatile.

It’s important to recognize from the start that that it’s not just the big furniture pieces such as he bed or the dresser that matter but also the small accent pieces and the accessories. In fact, it’s often the little details that have the biggest impact on a decor, like this cute bedroom decorated by Lindsey Bonnice of Live Sweet Photography demonstrates.

This bedroom designed by Alison Kandler is also very pretty. Instead of going with an area rug the designer chose to paint the floor boards instead, creating this blue and green checkerboard pattern which contrasts with the yellow bed frame and the coral armchair.

You might think blue is a color reserved for boys’ rooms but that’s simply not true. Light blue in particular is a very calming and relaxing color which makes it a perfect choice for bedrooms of all types. Interior designers Caitlin Moran used it here in combination with a soft pink to make this teenage girl’s bedroom look absolutely exquisite.

Here’s another example of how light blue can be a wonderful color accent for a girl’s bedroom. This is a design created by Rachel Cannon and it’s absolutely lovely. The light color palette makes the room look bright, open and airy which is always desirable.

You can pair light blue with a bold shade of pink, orange or coral in a way similar to how designer Amie Corley  did here to make the space look fun and cheerful while maintaining a relaxing ambiance.

The color of the walls isn’t the only thing that matters. To create a bright and airy decor, use light and breezy window curtains and simple furniture with sleek designs. This bedroom interior by Gretchen Black can give you a pretty good idea of how such a decor would look like.

If it’s a two-person bedroom you want to decorate, you can take this opportunity to create a symmetrical setup. A good example is this space designed by Harper Howey Interiors. Don’t you just love the two single beds with their matching headboards and the nigthstand in between them?

What about using white as a primary color? It’s timeless and has a very clean and crisp look which is refreshing, pure and a very good choice for bedrooms. This, for example, is one of the best teenage girl’s bedroom decors we’ve seen and was created by Clean Design.

It’s fun to play with different patterns and color combinations. For example, this teenage girls’ bedroom decorated by Elizabeth Demos is quite diverse in this sense. It has a geometric patterned area rug, striped bedding and little triangles on the walls.

Interior designer Ryland Witt used a different strategy to make this bedroom look extra cute and stylish. The piece of resistance here is the headboard which features a lovely butterfly pattern with various different colors.

Another strategy is to rely on custom-made furniture, like this cool shelving unit in this bedroom decorated by MPR Design Group. It has a cozy little built-in reading nook and a small desk plus plenty of storage on those open shelves.

Just because a bedroom is small doesn’t mean you have to make compromises when it comes to style and looks in general. A good strategy can be to combine an overall minimalist setup with a series of glamorous-looking or quirky accent details, much like in this home designed by SL* Project.


You can also rely on the color palette to make the room stand out. For example, a pink girl’s bedroom could look cute. there are multiple different ways to make the most of this delicate color and we picked this decor created by Ty Larkins Interiors as an example. It’s bold but not overwhelming and it’s also a nice blend of modern and traditional features.

Isn’t this one of the cutest and most cozy-looking bedrooms you’ve ever seen? It even has a little tee-pee tent on the platform and colorful bunting hanging across. the rest of the decor stays simple and fresh, in tone with the beach-style design created by Space Exploration.

As it turns out, dark-colored walls are very relaxing and perfectly-suited for spaces such as the bedroom. Although the dark blue used here by designer Alison Damante would suggest a masculine decor, all the brighter accents spread throughout the room point towards a very chic teenage girl’s bedroom.

The high ceiling, although irregular, gives this bedroom a very airy look. We love how comfortable it looks, with plenty of space around the bed, a cozy reading nook by the window and all sorts of cute feminine details all over, like the ruffled bedding, the wall mirror or the wall ornaments. This is a home designed by Willowood Homes.

There’s a lot you can do to make a bedroom look and feel cozy and welcoming. For instance, this teenage girl’s bedroom designed by GNH features a hanging chair by the window and that’s a really cool element. The high, upholstered headboard and the wallpaper have a nice impact on the space as well.

Even when there’s not that much space to work with you can still manage to pull off a cute interior design with plenty of character, like this one created by  Charla Ray Interior Design. It has two single beds each facing a different wall, a striped area rug and a wallpapered wall with a cute jellyfish

The whole idea behind the interior design of this home was to look cozy, colorful and timeless so the designer team from Santayana Home gave this bedroom a soft rug, beds with custom headboards, a wallpapered ceiling and this lovely ornate chandelier. It’s a perfect combo.

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