How To Update Your Holiday Decor With A Rose Gold Christmas Tree

The rose gold trend has started with devices such as the the iPhone 6s and other later models and has quickly gained popularity. You could say that rose gold is the new black and not just when it comes to smartphones but in other contexts too. For example, if you want to be trendy and to embrace this delicate and stylish color you could have a rose gold Christmas tree this year. It doesn’t really matter what you associate the color with, the fact it that rose gold is a very beautiful hue with a soft and sophisticated look. How would a rose gold Christmas tree would look like, you might wonder. Well, we selected our favorite ones so let’s check them out together.

Because rose gold is such a delicate and feminine color, you can take advantage of that and create a bohemian-looking Christmas tree decorated with flowers, cute bows and other such things. Cover the base with a faux fur skirt for a charming effect. We found this beautiful rose gold Christmas tree while browsing Pinterest.

This is another one of our favorite rose gold Christmas trees. It has a regular gold skirt and a mixture of gold, silver and roe gold ornaments including flowers, glittery decorations and garlands. The decorations at the top are quite lovely and refreshing. Check out Pinterest for more inspiring ideas.

The nice thing about rose gold ornaments is that they look beautiful no matter what color the tree is. We like the contrast they create in combination with regular green trees but we also enjoy the white Christmas decor trend. If you want the best of both trends, consider a snowy Christmas tree like the one featured on blondeinthecity. Isn’t it exquisite? The matching garland on the wall is a chic touch as well.

Of course, you don’t have to replace all of your Christmas ornaments with rose gold ones just because you want to follow this trend. In fact, it’s best if you don’t. A little bit of contrast would be in your favor and can help bring out the beauty of the rose gold details. You can do this with any type of tree, whether it’s big, small, real or artificial. Check out 1111lightlane for more details and ideas.

It’s not just your Christmas tree that can look exquisite in rose gold but also everything else that’s Christmas related. Mix this lovely blush color with soft neutrals such as beige, ivory and white and add a few gold details as well for an extra chic decor. You can find numerous gorgeous Christmas decorating ideas involving rose gold on happilyeverafteretc. This is one our favorites.

If you’re serious about having a rose gold Christmas tree this year (and the ones to follow) a particularly interesting idea is to spray paint the entire tree using rose gold paint. If the tree is white that should be pretty easy but you can still get this done with a green tree if you spray paint it white first. Sure, it would be a pretty time-consuming project but well worth the effort. You can find all the details of this project on littleinspiration.

Since rose gold is not exactly a very well-defined nuance, you have a bit freedom when choosing your Christmas decorations. You can play with various similar shades and even add a few regular gold ones for a subtle but still noticeable contrast. There are plenty of inspiring examples on Pinterest related to this very idea.

There’s another rose gold Christmas tree that we really love and this one was featured on craftberrybush. We love the white garlands that look like soft snow and the subtle hints of gold and rose gold elegantly highlighted by the warm string lights. If you’re displaying presents under the tree, look for matching wrapping paper.

Even though they’re more difficult to find, rose gold Christmas trees actually come to certain stores and they look pretty cute. If you can’t find one you can always spray paint yours or just get a regular tree and fill it with rose gold ornaments. A faux fur tree skirt and some fairy lights would make it look even more stylish. Another neat trick that we learned from samanthahauger is that if you place a large mirror next to or behind the tree that totally changes the space.

It can be fun to plan a themed Christmas tree decor starting from the rose gold trend. Perhaps a woodland-inspired tree or a floral-themed one would be nice. You could add a few tiny unicorns in there as well. Rose gold is not just a stylish and sophisticated color but also a cute one. Maybe you can find inspiration on stylebyemilyhenderson. It would definitely if you already had other rose-gold features in the room such as wallpaper, lamps, accent furniture, etc.

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