How To Make A White Christmas Tree The Centerpiece Of Your Holiday Decor

If a Christmas tree isn’t green, then it’s probably white, this being one of the most popular colors of Christmas worldwide. White is a color that we associate with purity and with snow and from a designer’s point of view it’s an extremely versatile color with tons of potential. A white Christmas tree is like a blank canvas. It’s also an excellent option for small spaces and a great way of maintaining a bright and open decor throughout the room.

You can decorate a white Christmas tree in any number of ways. A cute idea, one which we found on settingforfour, could be to adopt a winter woodland theme. You could hang a bunch of light blue ornaments and a series of themed ones as well. For example, you could have birds hanging on the branches, reindeer, cute bunnies, etc.

Since the Christmas tree is all white, you can fill it with ornaments in pretty much any color. They’ll stand out and the contrast would be interesting so consider using the same accent colors as in the room’s interior design. Look for inspiration in the existing decor.

If you’re not a big fan of all-white Christmas trees but you like the snowy appearance, the alternative could be a snowy green tree like the one featured on apumpkinandaprincess. To emphasize the effect you can decorate it with gold and silver ornaments and other neutral or metallic-colored items.

A particularly chic idea and one of out favorites is to decorate a white Christmas tree with light and pastel-colored ornaments. Rose gold, silver and ivory decorations can all look lovely. Even though the contrast is not very strong, the effect is powerful nevertheless. Check out frenchcountrycottage for inspiration.

Another awesome idea is to make it look as if your Christmas tree is covered in snow. You can do that by getting a snowy tree in the first place and decorating with faux snow or white fluffy garlands and ornaments in soft, metallic colors highlighted by fairy lights. You can find a lot of great examples on pinterest.

You can barely see the Christmas tree under all these ornaments but that’s actually not a bad look. All the silver and gold details go really well with the white tree branches and the composition as a whole seems to complement the room just right. Perhaps this Christmas tree featured on randigarrettdesign can inspire you to decorate your own home in a similar way for the holidays.

The white and rose gold accents on this charming Christmas tree reflect the very essence of the simple and classy living room decor featured on pofikhomes. We particularly love the way in which the snowy white garlands are glowing courtesy of the golden fairy lights cleverly hidden between the branches.

You can turn a regular green Christmas tree into a snowy one in no time if you just use ornaments in light and pastel nuances. You could use silver, gold, rose gold and pure white details to create a glamorous Christmas tree just like the one from chandeliersandchampagne.

String lights can transform a Christmas tree in ways nothing else can. The effect is particularly striking in the case of white Christmas trees. We like the glowing look of white fairy lights. They give the tree a magical appearance which in this particular case is emphasized by the use of white and silver-colored ornaments. Instead of looking bland and boring, this tree from foxhollowcottage is actually eye-catching in a very glamorous way.

Trying a soft pastel color palette instead of the usual red and green combo or multicolored Christmas tree can be very refreshing. Try gold and silver ornaments combined with yellow fairy lights. You can even decorate the tree branches themselves by spraying them with faux snow. Check out aburstofbeautiful for more inspiring tips and ideas.

Decorating a white Christmas tree with pastel-colored or even matching white ornaments can seem a bit monotonous to some so perhaps you’re the type of person who prefers a stronger contrast. How about a white tree decorated with black and blue ornaments and with a red skirt? That could definitely be interesting. You can check out tarynwhiteaker to see how it looks like in more detail.

We mentioned before that woodland-themed Christmas trees look beautiful and charming so here’s another inspiring example which we found on worldmarket. It’s decorated with snowy pinecones, snowflakes and cute little ornaments shaped like houses, birds and forest animals.

Check out these adorable, fluffy owls. They make this little white Christmas tree look absolutely charming. It’s such a simple and effective way of making a mini Christmas tree stand out. We also like the wood box tree stand and those twigs at the top which emphasize and woodland theme. Find more lovely ideas like this one on hometoriesatoz.

If you don’t want to stray too far from the traditional red and green Christmas palette but still give your tree an edgy look, you could try a snowy woodland theme where the white fluffy garlands are the key. Red can remain the main accent color and you can use on pretty much everything. You can let this awesome tree featured craftberrybush inspire you.

Another very cool idea is to decorate a white Christmas tree with white and gray ornaments and to make it look like you applied a black and white filter over it. That’s actually an idea that has a lot of potential for becoming fun and original.

Here’s another variation of a white Christmas tree decorated with metallic-colored ornaments. You only need a few decorations, especially if you have a mini Christmas tree. A matching tree skirt should complete the look.

When the lights are on, this whole Christmas tree glows and the darker-colored ornaments stand out by contrasting with the white branches. It’s a pretty cool and interesting look for a Christmas tree, one that suits minimalist modern homes.

If you like the glamorous look that metallic ornaments give to your Christmas tree, you can use those to put an emphasize on the delicate and serene nature of the tree. Add a little bit of blush pink for an even more chic appearance.

When you think about, the whole point of having a Christmas tree is so that we bring a little bit of the outdoors inside our homes so it makes sense to try to emphasize the natural beauty of the tree instead of covering it up with ornaments.

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