DIY Christmas Decorations With Easy And Friendly Designs

Custom DIY decorations are a great way of adding a personal touch to the Christmas decor. Making your own Christmas decorations is easier than you think and there are more cute and original ideas out there than we can count. You can come up with your own original ideas but it’s much easier to find inspiration in projects that others already shared with the world. We did some research and we found a few options that you might like this year.

A lot of the DIY Christmas decorations you make can also be offered as gifts. For example, you can give away these wood block card holders to your loved ones and put a Christmas card in each one. Use acrylic craft paints and tape to create this geometric pattern. You can find additional details about this project on akailochiclife.

These honeycomb Christmas bulbs featured on studiodiy are super cheerful and fun and they’re also quite easy to make. You don’t have to make them from scratch. You’ll actually be using honeycomb balls which you’re be trimming using scissors. You can shape the bulbs however you want but this oval shape seems to suit them quite well. To hang them you’ll also need to glue a little roll of cardboard at the top. Decorate it with gold tinsel.

Christmas signs can be very fun to make too. We found this lovely idea for a truck carving a Christmas tree which can be painted of a wood sign and then displayed on mantels, shelves or directly onto walls. The project is shared on the consumercrafts blog so be sure to check it out.

If you have stairs in your home, give them a festive Christmas-themed makeover. You could display a vase filled with evergreens on each step and you can hang a pinecone around each one, just as shown on createcraftlove. If you don’t have enough vases you can improvise and use watering cans, mason jars and other containers.

Wreaths are very versatile and can look beautiful and charming in just about any setting or environment so what could be better than a beautiful wreath for the winter holiday season? Well, two wreaths and if that’s still not impressive enough you can even have three wreaths displayed together. If you decorate them right you can make them look like a cute snowman. Find more inspiring ideas like this one on dimplesandtangles.

As everyone knows, Mason jars can be repurposed in numerous different ways and used in DIY projects and crafts designed to make homes look extra charming and beautiful. One idea which you could use this Christmas is to make Mason jar luminaries. You can find out the details on maisondepax.

They may not look like something you can use to create charming Christmas decorations but don’t be fooled just yet. Galvanized buckets are actually a great resource for all sorts of home projects. For Christmas, you could decorate some buckets with red ribbon and fill them with evergreens, firewood, pinecones and all sorts of other winter-related things. You can display them on your porch. Find more details about this idea on uncommondesignsonline.

It’s not really Christmas without a festive centerpiece. No worries, you don’t have to shop for special supplies if you want to craft one. You can reuse and repurpose some of things you already have. For example, this project from knickoftime shows you how to make a Christmas centepriece using a wood board, tart tins, sugar and candles.

Your living room isn’t the only one that could use a festive makeover this Christmas. You can also turn your attention toward the porch. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve a charming Christmas porch decor. It’s enough to hang a wreath on the front door and to put some evergreens in buckets on either side of the door. Some string lights could really make a different. Find more lovely ideas like this one on onsuttonplace.

One idea that we’re particularly interested in has to do with alternatives to the classic Christmas tree decor. We believe you could craft a Christmas tree ornament using items and materials that represent you and your unique style. A wonderful example which describes this can be found on funkyjunkinteriors. That’s where we saw this cool reclaimed wood tree. Isn’t it awesome?

Staircases are ideal for displaying festive decorations on. You can hang garlands, festive signs and all sorts of other things on the railings and you can even display things on the steps, like vases filled with evergreens. You can find a few inspiring ideas on quarters1.

You can make a Christmas centerpiece out of pretty much anything, including reclaimed pallet wood and a few clippings from your garden. You can use the pallet wood to make a box and you can fill the box with pillar candles, greenery and perhaps a few pinecones as well. This idea comes from anightowlblog.

Felt Christmas ornaments are some of the cutest ones because they’re just so soft and cuddly. You can make all sorts of things out of felt, including a hanging branch ornament like the one featured on pillarboxblue. For this project you need a round template (or a can), black cotton thread, white craft glue, a hole punch and red satin cord.

Not everything has to be perfect in order to be beautiful. Some DIY Christmas decorations are more charming when they have obvious imperfections, like this rustic stick Christmas tree from thewhimsicalwife. To make something similar you need two long and thick branches and several smaller and thinner ones. You can secure them together with cord or string. Hang Christmas ornaments on the horizontal branches and be creative and original.

How would like to make a beautiful Christmas centerpiece in only 10 minutes and without spending any money? The key is to use stuff that you already have. You could repurpose a storage box and fill it with pinecones and evergreens from your garden. At the center you can place a large pillar candle inside a Mason jar. Find tips and addition details about this project on apieceofrainbow.

Repurposing items can be super fun and exciting so look around for old things which you could combine into a DIY Christmas decoration full of character. For example, you could repurpose a sled or a wood box into a charming container for small Christmas trees.

How does a rustic Christmas sound like? Pretty cozy and charming, right? You can easily create the right atmosphere with a few simple DIY Christmas ornaments like green garlands with burlap ribbons and string lights which you can drape on the staircase railings. Inspiration can be found on rustyhinge.

A blackboard is an awesome decoration in general. You can write festive message on it to welcome your guests. You can also draw all sorts of cute things on the board and if you want to you can also decorate the frame with green garlands, as shown on thenorthendloft.

If you already have a bunch of Christmas ornaments ready, group them together to create a mega Christmas decoration. You can set up a sort of festive station or give your existing decor a themed makeover. There are many cute ways in which this can be done and we suggest checking out worthingcourt.

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