Statement Lamps And Pendants That Take Lighting To A Whole New Level

When decorating or renovating a space you can’t really tell how charming it is until you address the lighting. A room without a chandelier, a lamp, e pendant or a combination of these just doesn’t look complete. The search for the right light fixture can sometimes seem like an impossible and endless task.

Chains Hanging pendant lamps in blackVerone se Drop glass lightingSkull lighting idea for wallBolle glass blown lighting giopato and coombes

We often find ourselves searching for a light fixture without really knowing what we’re looking for. The whole process is blurry but our whole world lights up when we finally lay eyes on the perfect lamp or chandelier. We hope that at  least one of the designs we’ve selected for you today can offer you this experience.

Available in two versions, as a single unit or in a triple version, the Chains lighting system can adapt to a variety of spaces. The lampshades can be installed in a variety of ways: in a long vertical arrangement, in groups at the same level, randomly spread across the room via extra fixing points or in custom configurations. It’s a great, eye-catching fixture not just for spaces for super high ceilings but also for corners and stylish reading nooks.

The Bolle series is inspired by soap bubbles. These exquisite and beautiful lamps feature delicate shades made of thin, transparent glass with brass bulbs suspended between the spheres. They create magical effects as the light is reflected into the spheres and amplified by their delicate, curved surfaces. These amazing lamps are hand blown by Venetian artisans.

Remember the Bananas lamp we mentioned a while ago when discussing unusual floor lamps? This is the suspended version. It features these large, floaring banana tree leaves which reflect and diffuse the light, creating a really stunning visual effect. The Bananas suspended lamp is a great light fixture for large, open spaces.

Wall sconces are not exactly known for their original or eye-catching designs and there aren’t as many options to choose from compared to lamps or chandeliers. That makes the Otto wall light that much more special. It’s a two-section sconce with a stylish satin gold finish and LED tape outlining the edges. This gives it a warm and pleasant glow.

The Prague pendant light pays homage to the teardrop and also bears a resemblance to a cocoon. The pendant comes in several different sizes and has a lightweight and delicate look. You can use it as a separate, standalone light fixture or you can cluster several pendants together to create a luminous and eye-catching installation.

Another delicate and lightweight-looking lighting fixture was designed by Patrick E. Naggar and is called Drop. It comes in the form of a table lamp made out of blown glass and metal. The glass shade comes in a variety of different colors and the base is available in several different finishes. This reveals numerous charming combinations and allows the Drop lamp to be a highly versatile accessory.

Sometimes we can’t really decide whether a lamp or an art piece would be the best option for a particular space and we wish we could combine both. That’s actually what the Large Kranium lets you do. This is a statement piece, a combination between a piece of art and a contemporary lighting fixture. It’s designed to look like a large and colorful Day of the Dead Mask and it’s a cool accessory for spaces of all kinds.

There are also cases when although we’re not really sure how we want a light fixture to look like, we know we want it to be abstract and mysterious somehow and to make use of geometric forms. One option could be the MyK lamp which is part sculpture and part light fixture. It has a sinuous base made of rings with a metallic finish and an elliptical glass shade.

The Revolta lighting series is quite special in its own way. This is a collection of decorative pendant lamps with circle-shaped frames which can either be empty or can hold fabric-covered acoustic panels. This gives these pendants an edge and makes them a cool and practical option for particular types of spaces or for large areas which need to be divided into smaller, discrete spaces.

Light and shadow coexist and form a surprisingly harmonious duo. One of the most amazing expressions of this wonderful contrast is the eclipse. Eclipsi lets you bring that surreal beauty into your home in the form of a stylish wall-mounted light fixture. To achieve this effect, the designer superposed two disks, a white and a black one and rotated the top one to reveal soft, indirect light and to create the illusion of an eclipse.

The Circus 750 series designed by Resident Studio is a very special and interesting lighting system. The idea behind it is to allow users to create their own version of a pendant lamp by with one, two or more brass rings, each framed by an elegant LED band. They give out soft and subtle light and they double as eye-catching decorations.

The Lollipop lighting collection, as the name suggests, is a very playful series with a sweet source of inspiration. Each table lamp and pendant looks like a giant lollipop and the design is very suggestive, down to the smallest detail like the slightly uneven surface or the slightly asymmetrical outline of the shade.

The Dome collection is another beautiful example of the art and lighting combo, this time with strong architectural influences. Each chandelier is like a sculpture, a beautiful and refined accessory meant to stand out and to be a statement piece, whether the lights are on or off.

When we think of lighting fixtures the image of something lightweight, delicate and bright comes to mind, most often made of glass. Concrete is not exactly a common material but, surprisingly, there are plenty of concrete lamps which actually look delicate and super stylish. Check out the Aplomb series for example. These lamps feature sleek concrete shades available in six different colors.

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