Stylish Ways To Use The Herringbone Tile Pattern In Modern Interior Design

The herringbone pattern is something we’re all familiar with whether we associate it with classic wood flooring or with a retro cloth design. The pattern has its roots in the Roman Empire when it was used in buildings and roadways. The name is a reflection of the resemblance with the bone structure of a herring fish. We’re still using the herringbone pattern today and in more ways than you’re probably aware of.

When SOG Interiors designed this stylish private residence in Riga, Latvia, they made the most of this classic and super versatile pattern. As you can see, there’s herringbone flooring on the roof terrace and the bathroom features the same type of pattern on its tiled walls although it’s achieved in a different way in this particular case.

Herringbone floors offer interior designers the perfect tool for creating classic, retro-inspired decors and for preserving an old home’s original charm while updating it and making it more suitable for the modern times. An elegant example is the interior of this historic house in Utrecht, the Netherlands which was designed by Remy Meijers.

This is the newly remodeled interior of an apartment situation in an old building from Vienna. Studio destilat made sure to preserve some of the classic charm of the apartment while infusing it with modern minimalism. The herringbone pattern of the wooden floor was the perfect way to achieve this balance.

A herringbone pattern was also used to make this bar look extra charming. It’s one of the clever and elegant design strategies employed by LOA León Orraca Arquitectos when they designed this welcoming and classy restaurant in Mexico. The designers found inspiration in the aesthetic and identity of the La Tequila restaurant chain, to keep the tradition alive but at the same time to make this space unique. 

Just when we thought that herringbone flooring can’t be reinvented we come across something like this. This is Shadow, a new type of wood flooring created by DIESEL LIVING in collaboration with BERTI. It comes in three color options: black, natural and urban grey. The herringbone pattern features gradient shadows which give the flooring a 3D effect.

The herringbone pattern is not just for flooring. Check out this modern-industrial kitchen designed by dig Architecture. It features a very beautiful backsplash/ accent wall with grey tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern. It’s a great look for the kitchen, especially in combination with the warm wood accents.

The Rainbow House is a 4-bedroom maisonette located in London which has a truly unique interior design. Each room is special and colorful. This bedroom, for example, has oversized herringbone flooring which make the bed and the windows look tiny by comparison.

Installing herringbone wood flooring in a space such as the kitchen or the bathroom can really influence the ambiance, making the room look more inviting, warm and comfortable. An area rug can can have a similar effect. Check out this gorgeous kitchen renovated by Septembre Architecture as an example.

The herringbone pattern can also be a purely decorative element, a detail meant to make something simple and basic like a front door stand out and look interesting and special.

Another nice example of a decorative herringbone pattern is this bedroom panel. It’s an eye-catching and colorful accent feature with a role similar to that of a headboard.

Herringbone backsplash tiles can look very charming too. Of course, laying the tiles and creating a perfect pattern is very challenging so you’ll most likely need the help of a professional.

The herringbone pattern is also a nice alternative to subway tiles which is beautifully expressed in this small and stylish bathroom. We love the fact that the tiles are simple and white and that the grout has a contrasting color.

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